Developing Rugby Coaches
On Wednesday the 23rd of February the first of the 2012 NZRFU DRC (Developing Rugby Coaches) modules being run for West Coast club coaches took place.

The DRC Modules cover 17 modules in total and are part of the ‘NZRFU Coaching Pathway” aimed at developing both rugby knowledge and the application of that knowledge in the coaching environment. Fourteen coaches took part for the first module that covered the “Role of the Coach” and nine stayed on for the module on “Planning a Session/Season”.

Those that attended both courses were:

• West’s Rugby Club – Mike Foster, Anthony Jones, Brent Robinson, Wayne Church,
• Blaketown Rugby Club – Tony Oliver, Craig Clarke
• Kiwi – Kyle Parker, Daniel Tauwhare
• Marist – Gavin Ridley

Those that attended the first course were:

• Marist – Henry Lawrence, John Olson, Dave Mamma
• South Westland Rugby – Lucan Dwyer
• West’s Rugby Club – Murray Nixon

Over the following season all Coaches will be appraised and given feedback on there coaching that will be specific to the module that they attended.

Rugby administrator Rob Maitland said it was a good turnout and was sure that all coaches would take something away that will help them with their coaching and this ultimately benefits those being coached.

The next modules to be run will cover “The Principles of Play” and “Skill Analysis”. These modules will be run at the West’s Clubrooms in Hokitika on Thursday the 1st of March starting at 6.30pm.

WCRFU Calendar Dates re Rugby Smart / Small Blacks / Front Row Factory / DRC – Year 2012

27/02/2012 Rugby Smart 6.00pm Blaketown Clubrooms

28/02/2012 Rugby Smart 7.30pm South Westland Clubrooms H/H

29/02/2012 Rugby Smart 6.00pm Kiwi Clubrooms

1/03/2012 DRC – Principles of Play & Skill Analysis 6.30pm West’s Clubrooms

5/03/2012 Small Blacks Beginning U/6 6.00pm Marist Clubrooms

6/03/2012 Small Blacks Beginning U/6 6.00pm Kiwi Clubroom

7/03/2012 Small Blacks Beginning, Learning & Playing U/6 > U14 7.00pm South Westland Clubrooms H/H

12/03/2012 Small Blacks Learning and Playing U8>U14 6.00pm West’s Clubrooms

13/03/2012 Small Blacks Learning and Playing U8>U14 6.00pm Marist Clubrooms

14/03/2012 DRC – Continuity / Attack / Defence 6.30pm West’s Clubrooms

19/03/2012 Front Row Factory U/10’s, U/12’s and U/14’s 6.00pm Marist Grounds

21/03/2012 Front Row Factory U/10’s, U/12’s and U/14’s 6.00pm West’s Grounds