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As everyone will be aware there have been significant changes to the various Covid 19
alert levels for the greater Auckland region and the rest of the country.

The West Coast Rugby Union has received from the NZRU updated guidelines for the application of Covid 19 alert levels to the community game. Under Level 2, rugby
activity can continue provided all guidelines are followed including restrictions on
mass gatherings, social distancing, contract tracing and hygiene practices.

It is the responsibility of this union to determine whether all guidelines are able to
be met and after discussion with delegates from the Council of Clubs it was agreed
by all that it would be an extremely difficult task and with such a short time frame
available it was agreed to postpone immediately the senior final and all junior rugby until next Saturday 22 August 2020 provided that Alert Level 2 has reduced back to
Level 1.

Statement from NZRU together with updated guidelines. 

Mike Connors