Marist Slay Blaketown

Marist gave the hitherto unbeaten Blaketown team a lesson in running rugby, on Blaketown’s home turf at McLean Park on Saturday. A Josh Costello field goal in the last play of the day added insult to injury in the 35-14 victory. The result leaves both teams level on the New Forrest Cup points ladder, although Blaketown claimed the trophy

West Coast RU – RESULTS – 23rd May 2015

WEST COAST RUGBY UNION SENIOR Results FOR SATURDAY 23rd May 2015 SENIOR Results    Marist 35 v 14 Blaketown Marist 35 Blaketown 14 H.Tangiora 1 try B.Cain 1 try 3 penalties G.Fahey 1 try I.Robin 1 try S.Tau 1 try I.Lewagai 1try H.Torres (1 Pen.) (2 Conv.) J.Costello (1 DG) @ McLean Park      Grey Valley 24 v 28 Wests Grey Valley 24 Wests 28 A.Verway  1 try E.Matalomani 1try B.Ferguson 1 try N.Smith

West Coast RU – Draw 23rd May 2015

WEST COAST RUGBY UNION SENIOR and JUNIOR RUGBY DRAW FOR SATURDAY 23rd May 2015 SENIOR DRAW    Marist vs Blaketown @ McLean Park 2.45pm Ref: TBA AR’s S Norton & A Rodger – Subs R Blair      Grey Valley vs Wests @ Ikamatua 2.45pm Ref: TBA    South Westland vs Kiwi @Whataroa  2.45pm Ref: R Maitland FULL 2015 SENIOR DRAW

West Coast RU – Results 16 May 2015

Provisional Results for the New Forrest Cup – Week 4 : 28 22 N.Cummings (1T) J.Kitara (1T) N.Devlin (1T) C.Deans (1T, 1 Pen., 1 Conv.) D.Keno (1 T) C.Nolan (1T, 1 Conv.) B.Cain (1T, 4 Conv.)   33 14 B.McBride (1T) G.Waipouri (1T) P.TeRakau (1T) B.Alexander (1T) J.Ferguson (2T) N.Smith (2 Conv.) T.Tauwhare (1T) T.Struthers (4 Conv.)    66 12 H.Tangiora (2T) K.McLeod (1T) J.Winter (3 T) J.Brown (1T) S.Tau (2 T) K.Moore (1 Conv.) I.Ngasu (2 T) B.Campbell (1T) H.Torres (8

Week 3 – Report ~New Forrest Cup

A late surge carried Blaketown to an unlikely  32-20  victory  over  a  gallant Wests  rugby  side  on  a  windswept McLean Park, on Saturday. Wests  —  shock  20-16  victors  over South Westland a week earlier — looked well  on  course  for  a  second  giant-killing  effort  when  deservedly  leading Blaketown  20-12  with  three-quarters of  the  match  gone,  but  a  previously lacklustre

West Coast RU – Draw 16th May 2015

WEST COAST RUGBY UNION SENIOR and JUNIOR RUGBY DRAW FOR SATURDAY 16th May 2015 SENIOR DRAW       Marist vs Grey Valley @ Arthur Fong Park  2.00pm Ref: R.Maitland       South Westland vs Blaketown @ Hari Hari  1.00pm Ref: M.Cowlin        Blaketown vs Wests Cass Square #2  2.00pm Ref: S.McKnight  AR’s – R Blair /A Rodger FULL 2015 SENIOR DRAW – CLICK HERE – JUNIOR DRAW UNDER 16 Marist v Westport Arthur Fong Park 11.00am Ref:

West Coast RU – Results 9 May 2015

Scoring Details for the New Forrest Cup - Week 3 : South Westland 20 Marist 17 C.Nolan (1 T) I Ngasu (2T) J.McRae (1 T) H.Torres   (1Pen.), (2 Convs.) C.Deans (2 Pen.),(2 Convs.) Blaketown 32 Wests 20 P.Thomson  (1T) ,. K.Curtis (1T) L.Ross (1 T) B.Watt (1T), L.Negri (1T) ,A.Monk (1T) M.Jeapa (1 T) N.Cumming (1Pen), (2 Conv.) N.Smith (1 T), (1 Pen.), (1 Conv.) Kiwi 79 Grey Valley 3 B.McBride (1T) K.Moore (1