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Senior Player Profile – Mark Maitland


SENIOR Profile

Name Mark Maitland

Club: Waihora

Position: Fullback

Goals for the season: Help get some pride back into Coast Rugby, and gain a starting spot

Funniest moment in rugby: Before a really huge grudge match, the ref addressed both teams before kick-off about discipline, and then asked our team if we had any questions.
Our hard case hooker replied “yeah, what’s the Capital city of Equador?”

Biggest disappointment in rugby: injury, missed a year of Code

Earliest memory of playing rugby: Playing under 7’s for Wests in Hokitika

If you could play any position other than your normal one, which would it be: 10

Most respected opponent: Jordy Bell , fastest winger in Ellesmere Rugby

Favourite rugby field played on: AMI Stadium

Best advice your parents ever gave you: Mum’s the Boss

If you could have dinner with four famous people (dead or alive) who would you choose:
Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Rod Stewart, Jeff Wilson

Favourite TV show: Home and Away

If you became famous, which actor would you want to play you in a movie about your life: Owen Wilson

If you could join any music group/band, which one would it be: AC/DC

Apple or Android: Apple

If you could be a superhero for a day which one would it be and why: Iron Man. He is a genius, loads of coin, and rips it up.