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1981 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Messrs P. L. Higinbottom and A. G. Dawson

Although West Coast won only two of its eight matches, it drove Canterbury to a rather fortunate 9 all draw, drove Nelson Bays to a narrow win in the Seddon Shield Challenge, 6-9, after having earlier defeated them in the Championship match. Of the 29 players called on, only 15 had appeared in the previous season, the chief losses being J.S.Wallace, K.W.Thomson, K.J.Glass, A.H.Bruhn and especially A.F.Kissick, whilst S.B.Littlewood had moved to Buller. Fortunately most of the forwards were again available. Bernie Monk was again captain, and tried hard to get his pack to make up for a lack of size by mobility. Jon Sullivan who had last appeared in 1979 was back in full fitness, a talented loose forward.

Graham Crawford and Monty Wynyard were the usual locks, and Blair Hopkins the No.8. Graham McGurk was selected a member of the New Zealand Colts and is a promising flank forward. Gary Paterson was again hooker, supported by Ross Dixon and his captain. A new representative, Colin Stewart was halfback in the earlier matches with another newcomer Kevin Manera taking over later. Dave Foster, also making his debut. was first five-eighth in all the matches. but Gavin Cook retired during the season, a talented player who could well have gone higher. Alan Messenger was another who appeared in all the matches. Dennis King was on one wing with versatile Tony Mullins a useful player. Bruce Davidson was an experienced winger in the later matches, and Wayne Gugich also played well. Stephen Boon was again a reliable full-back, he contributed 20 points and Gugich 31 points to the side`s total of 77 points.

1981 Squad

S.C.P.Boon (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.W.Donkers (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
D.J.King (Star-United)
A.R.Messenger (Blaketown)
B.G.Davidson (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
W.F.Gugich (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
A.B.Mullins (Greymouth Marist)
G.J.Cook (Star-United)
S.Jacob (Cobden)
D.J.Lynch (Blaketown)
D.W.Foster (South Westland)
C.A.Stewart (Blaketown)
K.B.Manera (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
S.B.Wyness (Kokatahi)
Blair Hopkins (Star-United)
J.G.McGurk (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
G.J.Crawford (Star-United)
Monty Wynyard (South Westland)
J.D.Sullivan (South Westland)
B.H.Monk (Blaketown)
G.A.J.Paterson (Star-United)
R.F.Dixon (Grey Valley)
S.A.Smith (Greymouth Marist)
W.H.Monk (Blaketown)
J.W.O.Costello (Greymouth Marist)
P.G.Davidson (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
K.J.Davidson (Hokitika St.Mary`s)
J.Tamepo (Hokitika Excelsior)
R.G.Johns (Star-United)


Played 8 , Won 2, Drawn 1, Lost 5 , Points For 77; Against 146
* National Second Division fixture

* May 24 v Nelson Bays at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 7 – 3
B.Hopkins try
S.C.P.Boon penalty goal
Referee: Mr.P.Lamont (Buller)

May 27 v Canterbury at Rugby Park, Greymouth Drawn 9 – 9
G.J.Cook dropped goal
S.C.P.Boon 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.G.A.King (West Coast)

* June 27 v Buller at Westport Lost 12 – 16
J.D.Sullivan try
S.C.P.Boon 2 penalty goals are conversions

* July l4 v North Otago at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 16 – 13
G.J.Cook and W.F.Gugich tries
W.F.Gugich 2 penalty goals and conversion
Referee: Mr.L.T.Harmon (South Canterbury)

August 1 v Nelson Bays (Seddon Shield) at Nelson Lost 6 – 9
D.W.Foster try
W.F.Gugich conversion

* August 22 v Mid-Canterbury at Ashburton Lost 3 – 27
S.C.P.Boon penalty goal

* August 30 v South Canterbury at Rugby Park. Greymouth Lost 18 – 36
M.Wynyard try
D.W.Foster dropped goal
W.F.Gugich 3 penalty goals and conversion
Referee: Mr.M.Fitzgibbons (Canterbury)

* September 22 v Marlborough at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 – 33
W.F.Gugich 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.W.Johnston (East Coast)