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1974 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.D.R.Pittaway

Winning only two of its 11 matches, West Coast suffered several heavy defeats. Despite this the side put up strong opposition on occasions, but finally succumbed to persistent attacks as in the encounter with the New Zealand Juniors whom Coast held till midway through the second spell. Some fine defensive work was done, but there were also gaps in the defence on many occasions. The great number of injuries there being 19 replacements during the 11 games, five of them in one match not only disrupted the game concerned but meant that players were not available for subsequent matches.

Skates and Crowhen were two who thus lost most of the season but Beams, still the outstanding back on attack as well as defence, and the highly promising five-eighth Cook were also plagued by injuries. Nelson, a competent all-round fullback and Bromley, the hard-working half-back, played in most games among the backs, with Thomson, a keen and determined strong winger, standing out for all-round play. Connors too was a strong big centre, but the fact that no fewer than five different first five-eighths were required, and three different centers and second five-eighths did not help in achieving back combination.

The forwards were generally out-weighed, with the result that often the loose forwards were committed to the tight. Bryce captained the side in the absence of Beams, and was a hard-working prop and leader of the pack. Wynyard was the leading line-out exponent, and worked well with fellow lock Mahuika. Henham was always a competent No.8, a good attacker and solid defender. Liddell was a fast loose forward who also did well in the tight, with Sullivan and johns the side-rankers in most matches. Sinclair played some good games as well. Mitchell was an experienced hooker, with Monk (a new player) being successful in the later matches. Dixon, another newcomer, was a promising prop forward.

In all 33 players were called on, of whom seven were in their first season, P.A. and T.P.Teen, Duncan, Wynyard and Connors having represented previously in 1972, Tacon and Johnson in 1971, and the remaining 19 having appeared in 1973. Of the 1973 representatives, N. F. Jack was overseas. Cook was the only player called on by the National Selectors, being a member of the New Zealand Colts side.

1974 Squad

R.A.Bradley (Blaketown)
R.F.Nelson (Blaketown)
C.R.Skates (Greymouth Star-United)
P.A.Teen (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
B.R.Arnold (Harihari)
M.J.Malone (Cobden)
K.W.Thomson (Blaketown)
K.G.Murtha (Greymouth Marist)
D.C.Beardsley (Greymouth Star•United)
Michael Connors (Greymouth Marist)
K.J.J.Beams (Greymouth Marist)
T.P.Teen (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
G.J.Cook (Greymouth Star-United)
R.M.Alexander (Greymouth Marist)
R.I.Gaiger (Hokitika)
T.W.Bromley (Blaketown)
G.A.McBride (Harihari)
B.N.Duncan (Harihari)
B.W.Johnson (Hokitika)
R.G.Johns (Greymouth Star•United)
R.J.Hibbs (Harihari)
M.M.Sinclair (Blaketown)
George Wynyard (Greymouth Marist)
J.D.Sullivan (Harihari)
D.G.Bryce (Blaketown)
T.H.Crowhen (Greymouth Star-United)
J.R.Tacon (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
K.J.Mahuika (Hokitika)
R.J.Mitchell (Harihari)
D.H.Henham (Blaketown)
W.T.Liddell (Blaketown)
B.H.Monk (Greymouth Marist)
R.F.Dixon (Greymouth Star-United)


Played 11 ; Won 2 ; Lost 9 ; Points: For 88 ; Against 304

June 1 v NELSON-BAYS at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 19 to 14
C.R.Skates (2), K.J.J.Beams and R.J.Hibbs, tries
R.J.Hibbs, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.M.Hargreaves (Nelson-Bays)

June 16 v A SOUTHLAND XV (Sub-Unions Selection) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 3 to 17
R.J.Hibbs, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

June 29 v NEW ZEALAND JUNIORS at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 9 to 29
R.F.Nelson, 3 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.J.Walker (Otago)

July 7 v CANTERBURY at Christchurch Lost 3 to 80
R.F.Nelson, penalty goal

July 9 v MID-CANTERBURY at Ashburton Lost 3 to 7
R.F.Nelson, penalty goal

July 14 v BULLER (Rundle Cup) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 14 to 6
P.A.Teen, T.W.Bromley and D.G.Bryce, tries
R.F.Nelson, conversion
Referee: Mr.I.Diprose (Buller)

July 27 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield and Ranfurly Shield) at Blenheim Lost 0 to 18

August 11 v A CANTERBURY XV (Sub-Unions Selection) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 to 21
R.F.Nelson, 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.B.Williams (West Coast)

August 17 v BULLER at Westport Lost 15 to 18
G.J.Cook and K.J.J.Beams, tries
R.F.Nelson, penalty goal and 2 conversions

August 27 v POVERTY BAY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 12 to 44
B.R.Amold, try
R.F.Nelson and R.J.Hibbs, penalty goals
R.F.Nelson, conversion
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

September 15 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 4 to 50
K.J.Mahuika, try
Referee: Mr.B.Williams (West Coast)