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1970 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.P.T.Hurren

With only eleven of the previous season’s side again called upon, West Coast had to practically rebuild a team, bringing in fifteen new representatives, along with Nolan (1968 representative) McMillan (from the 1967 team) and Hibbs (who had been in the West Coast-Buller XV in 1969) in order to do so. Thus the Union’s squad was one of twenty-nine players, and when the opening match resulted in a victory over Nelson-Bays, and after subsequent wins against A Canterbury XV. and in the second game with Buller visions of a possible successful Seddon Shield challenge appeared which, however, were nullified when Nelson-Bays won easily.

With a very lightweight pack, West Coast had to rely on a “terrier-like” approach, and became proficient at upsetting opposition attacks, fast to the ball and quick to set a very good back division in action. McMillan, Bryce and Ruddick were usually the props, Tacon the hooker, Honey (who played once at half-back) a lively No.8, Hibbs, Harris and McKenzie, side-row forwards, and MacRae and Ellis, the locks mainly.

Of these MacRae in the line-out and driving play, and newcomers Harris, in the line-out, Honey, Ruddick and Ellis were the best. McQuillan was a first•class half-back, and outside him were the outstanding players in the side: Beams, the captain, again proved a real genius, clever and resourceful in all he did – a tragedy that he has been denied wider opportunities; Wylie Taylor, a new representative, was also very good – a clever constructive player; J.A.E.Taylor was another new player to impress as also did the youthful full-back, Knox. Mitchell was a steady reliable player, and Thomson a capable wing. No player from this Union was given a trial for higher honours

1970 Squad

B.J.Knox (Greymouth Star-United)
K.W.Thomson (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.R.Edward (Blaketown)
M.J.Malone (Greymouth Marists)
M.J.Fitzgerald (Greymouth Marists)
F.P.O’Donnell (Greymouth Marists)
B.R.Arnold (Harihari)
Wylie Taylor (Greymouth Marists)
P.J.Nolan (Greymouth Marists)
K.J.J.Beams (Greymouth Marists)
D.C.Beardsley (Greymouth Star-United)
M.R.Mitchell (Harihari)
J.A.E.Taylor (Cobden)
M.J.McQuillan (Greymouth Marists)
M.R.Emerson (Greymouth Star•United)
K.H.Honey (Greymouth Marists)
R.J.Hibbs (Greymouth Star-United)
M.S.MacRae (Harihari)
R.J.Harris (Greymouth Star•United)
D.L.McKenzie (Greymouth Marists)
D.G.Bryce (Blaketown)
J.R.Tacon (Greymouth Marists)
B.N.Ruddick (Cobden)
N.R.McMillan (Greymouth Marists)
M.J.Bedingfield (Cobden)
A.E.Wickes (Hokitika Excelsior)
V.G.Goodall (Blaketown)
M.W.Ellis (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
K.A.Monk (Hokitika Excelsior)


Played 9 ; Won 3 ; Lost 6 ; Points: For 92 ; Against 201

May 30 v NELSON-BAYS at Nelson Won 19 to 6
K.J.J.Beams (3) and D.R.Edward, tries
D.R.Edward, penalty goal and 2 conversions

June 1 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 3 to 58
R.J.Hibbs, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

June 17 v QUEENSLAND at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 to 15
M.R.Mitchell, try
P.J.Nolan, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.A.F.Gurnsey (Canterbury)

June 20 v A CANTERBURY XV at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 11 to 3
K.J.J.Beams, try
B.J.Knox and P.J.Nolan, penalty goals
B.J.Knox, conversion
Referee: Mr.J.J.Alton (West Coast)

July 4 v BULLER at Westport Lost 3 to 11
D.R.Edward, penalty goal

August 9 v MID-CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 12 to 27
P.J.Nolan and K.J.J.Beams, tries
P.J.Nolan, 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.J.C.Reynish (West Coast) injured and replaced by Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

August 22 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 21 to 9
F.P.O’Donnell (4) and P.J.Nolan, tries
P.J.Nolan,3 conversions
Referee Mr.J.Callaghan (Buller)

September 5 v NELSON-BAYS (Seddon Shield) at Motueka Lost 6 to 34
P.J.Nolan, 2 penalty goals

September 12 v A CANTERBURY XV at Christchurch Lost 11 to 38
Wylie Taylor (2) and K.H.Honey, tries
P.J.Nolan, conversion