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1969 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.P.T.Hurren

Defeating its neighbour, Buller, on each occasion, and also securing victories over Nelson-Bays and Horowhenua, the latter in a convincing manner and by a big margin, West Coast also drew with Marlborough in the Seddon Shield challenge, to altogether have a most interesting season. The side’s strength was in an enterprising set of backs, the weakness, in the ability of the pack to give their supports enough ball. The leading players were Beams, an outstanding first five-eighth, consistent on attack and defence, well worthy of a trial for higher honours; Henderson, a sound and reliable full-back who returned after a year’s absence; McQuillan, a newcomer and a rapidly improving half-back of ability; Bryce, excellent prop, always on the ball; Mahuika, a newcomer who showed promise both on the Hank or at lock; Trowbridge, captain of the side and hooker; and O’Donnell, sound second five-eighth.

The scrum included Goodall and MacRae, side-rankers, and Adamson, prop, who had each last represented in 1967, Baty at lock, Hearsey as prop and Henham at No. 8. Caldwell had last represented in 1966, and Edward had played for Otago in 1968. Seven of the thirty players were in their first season. Gray, Henderson, Edward, Trowbridge, Bryce, Mitchell, McKenzie and McQuillan were members of the combined West Coast-Buller XV. that met Canterbury, as well as R.J.Hibbs (Greymouth Star-United), who did not otherwise represent West Coast.

1969 Squad

K.W.Thomson (Hokitika Excelsior)
A.D.Henderson (Hokitika Kiwi)
J.B.C.Rudd (Hokitika Excelsior)
M.A.Gray (Hokitika Kiwi)
W.F.Templeton (Hokitika Excelsior)
Kenneth McNee (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.R.Edward (Blaketown)
F.P.O’Donnell (Greymouth Star•United)
K.J.J.Beams (Greymouth Marists)
M.R.Mitchell (Harihari)
M.J.Wyatt (Harihari)
M.J.McQuillan (Greymouth Marists)
B.W.Johnson (Hokitika Excelsior)
V.G.Goodall (Blaketown)
E.S.Jones (Hokitika Kiwi)
V.K.Baty (Hokitika Excelsior)
B.E.Caldwell (Greymouth Marists)
P.C.York (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
D.G.Bryce (Blaketown)
L.J.Trowbridge (Blaketown)
B.R.Hearsey (Blaketown)
A.A.Thomson (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.J.Neighbours (Greymouth Star-United)
Robt.Forsyth (Blaketown)
M.S.MacRae (Harihari)
K.J.Mahuika (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.H.Henham (Blaketown)
R.J.Tacon (Greymouth Marists)
G.W.Adamson (Harihari)
D.L.McKenzie (Greymouth Marists)


Played 8 ; Won 4 ; Drew 1 ; Lost 3 ; Points: For 94 ; Against 138

April 25 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 0 to 44
Referee: Mr.J.C.Reynish (West Coast)

May 17 v BULLER at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 16 to 6
D.G.Bryce, K.W.Thomson and L.J.Trowbridge, tries
A.D.Henderson, penalty goal and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.P.C.Reynolds (Buller)

June 12 v HOROWHENUA at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 27 to 13
Kenneth McNee (3), K.J.J.Beams, M.J.McQuillan, V.G.Goodall and M.S.MacRae, tries
A.D.Henderson (2) and D.R.Edward, conversions
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast) injured and replaced by Mr.J.C.Reynish (West Coast)

June 28 v NELSON-BAYS, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 9 to 6
M.J.McQuillan (2) and K.J.Mahuika, tries
Referee: Mr.J.C.Reynish (West Coast)

July 5 v MID-CANTERBURY at Ashburton Lost 11 to 16
K.J.J.Beams, M.J.McQuillan and D.R.Edward, tries
A.D.Henderson, conversion

July 19 v BULLER at Westport Won 13 to 11
M.S.MacRae (2) and Kenneth McNee, tries
A.D.Henderson, 2 conversions

August 2 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Drew 6 to 6
Kenneth McNee, try
A.D.Henderson, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.R.D.Macey (Nelson-Bays)

September 6 v NEW ZEALAND SERVICES, at Cass Square, Hokitika Lost 12 to 36
L.J.Trowbridge, try
M.R.Mitchell, dropped goal
A.D.Henderson, 2 penalty goals
Referee:Mr.W.Brennan (West Coast)


Selectors: Messrs. J.H.Hunt (Buller) & P.T.Hurren (West Coast)

The two Westland Unions combined to supply a team to play against A Canterbury XV at Christchurch, but a seemingly useful combination was beaten by a large margin.

September 20 v A CANTERBURY XV at Christchurch Lost 13 to 50

A.R.Moseley (2) and R.J.Hibbs, tries
A.D.Henderson, 2 conversions.

The side was
A.D.Henderson (West Coast)
M.A.Gray (West Coast)
D.R.Edward (West Coast) *

B.J.Renwick (Buller)
A.R.Moseley (Buller)
B.N.Stewart (Buller)
M.J.McQuillan (West Coast)
D.M.Stevenson (Buller)
C.A.Fussell (Buller)
O.H.Nahr (Buller)
R.L.Hughes (Buller) ##
R.J.Hibbs (West Coast)
D.G.Bryce (West Coast)
L.J.Trowbridge (Capt.) (West Coast)
D.L.McKenzie (West Coast)

* Retired injured and replaced by M.R.Mitchell (West Coast)
## Retired injured and replaced by T.J.O’Brien (Buller)