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1968 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 189)
Selector: Mr.P.T.Hurren

Having regard to the problems of team-building that faced the Selector, particularly in the forward division where the majority of those who represented in 1967 were no longer available, West Coast achieved a satisfactory record with half the matches won; Buller was beaten twice, and Nelson and Golden Bay-Motueka once each. Tactics of necessity centered round the inside back combination of Johnson (captain and half-•back), Beams and O’Donnell (five-eighths), each of whom appeared on every occasion and who had been so combined the previous season.

Beams was in good form and played impressively at first five-eighth, whilst O’Donnell revealed the promise he had shown in 1967. The return of King after a year’s absence provided the side with a very safe full-back and profitable goal kick ; he first represented in 1959. Gray had another good season and is a player of above average ability. Two newcomers to show promise were wing-three-quarter Rudd and centre Thomson.

The loss of K.J.Dixon, transferred to Bay of Plenty, J.P.McGill to Waikato and J.A.L.Wright to Nelson, together with the non-availability of others of the previous season’s pack, meant almost a complete rebuilding except for the front row, where the evergreen Ross, prop, who has now played 83 matches for West Coast since he first represented in 1954, and the capable hooker Trowbridge were again on hand. They were joined in the front row by a newcomer, Bryce. The locks were Baty, returned after a year’s absence, Hunt (firstly) and then Forsyth, of the previous season, and a new player, Inkster. Another newcomer, Shearer, and Monk were the regular side-rankers, and another new representative, Neighbours, played at the back of the scrum in the early games. Veale also re-appeared after a year’s absence, as did McLean. Altogether 14 of the 31 players called on were in their first season.

1968 Squad

A.G.King (Greymouth Star)
Michael A.Gray (Hokitika Kiwi)
Kenneth McNee (Hokitika Excelsior)
W.F.Templeton (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.B.C.Rudd (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.A.Davies (Greymouth Star)
P.J.Nolan (Greymouth Marists)
T.E.McLean (Hokitika Excelsior)
T.P.Teen (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
K.W.Thomson (Hokitika Excelsior)
F.P.O’Donnell (Greymouth Star)
K.J.J.Beams {Greymouth Marists)
B.W.Johnson (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.J.Davidson (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
J.G.Shearer (Harihari)
W.W.Hunt (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
D.J.Neighbours (Greymouth Star)
Warren Inkster (Greymouth United)
G.H.Monk (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.G.Bryce (Blaketown)
L.J.Trowbridge (Blaketown)
B.L.Ross (Hokitika Excelsior)
Mathew J.Syron (Hokitika Excelsior)
V.K.Baty (Hokitika Excelsior)
Robert Forsyth (Blaketown)
J.R.Tacon (Greymouth United)
P.W.Veale (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
R.F.Millar (Hokitika Kiwi)
B.R.Hearsey (Blaketown)
E.S.Jones (Hokitika Kiwi)
D.H.Henham (Blaketown)


Played 8 ; Won 4 ; Lost 4 ; Points: For 110 ; Against 123

April 25 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 16 to 21
K.J.J.Beams and W.F.Templeton, tries
A.G.King, 2 penalty goals and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

May 11 v BULLER at Westport Won 22 to 19
W.F.Templeton (2), A.G.King and Michael A.Gray, tries
A.G.King 2 penalty goals and 2 conversions

May 25 v JAPAN at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 5 to 18
J.G.Shearer, try
A.G.King, conversion
Referee : Mr.J. J. Walton (West Coast)

June 15 v NELSON at Nelson Won 17 to 14
A.G.King, J.B.C.Rudd, D.J.Neighbours and J.A.Davies, tries
A.G.King, penalty goal and conversion

June 29 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA at Motueka Won 21 to 6
K.W.Thomson, B.W.Johnson, Michael A.Gray and J.B.C.Rudd, tries
A.G.King, penalty goal and 3 conversions

July 20 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 12 to 6
K.J.J.Beams and F.P.O’Donnell, tries
A.G.King 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.D.E.Absolum (Buller)

August 3 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield) at Blenheim Lost 8 to 14
K.W.Thomson, try
A.G.King, penalty goal and conversion

September 14 v A CANTERBURY XV at Christchurch Lost 9 to 25
K.J.J.Beams, try
P.J.Nolan, 2 penalty goals