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1963 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Messrs.L.W.Champion and L.F.Pegley

Able to hold its own with its neighbours in the Seddon Shield area, West Coast revealed its limitations when opposed to stronger sides such as Canterbury and New Zealand Maoris. A lack of weight in the pack meant less ball to the backs against such opposition, and bustling loose tactics whilst upsetting to a degree do not win matches. The fast and lively pack was made up of McHugh, the captain, and McPherson as experienced and hard-working props, with Richardson again the hooker; Rogers, a hard toiler, and a lock who occasionally played on the side, and who was named as a reserve for the South Island team; new representatives in Williams (6ft. 5in.lock) and Quintal (a side-ranker) ; MacRae, brother of the All Black (a promising No. 8); Vieceli and Wright, keen loose forwards, and Lindbom again a useful lock or prop.

The backs found it difficult to achieve combination, and in any case their role was largely a defensive one, King proved a reliable full-back, Ryall was a sound inside back and Bellis tried hard. Keehan, and a young new representative, Johnson, shared the halfback’s duties; a young 20-year old, Gray, shaped promisingly at centre, and another 20-year old Bruce.J.Brown was a speedy winger, who was later displaced by Barry.J.Brown. The previous season’s winger, Brian.J.Brown, had been transferred to Wellington.

Fourteen of the 30 players were new representatives, Gooch having last appeared in 1961 and James in 1960.

1963 Squad

A.G.Kini (Greymouth Star)
D.G.Mirfin (Cobden)
Bruce J.Brown (Blaketown)
M.A.Gray (Hokitika Kiwi)
Kenneth McNee (Blaketown)
W.A.R.James (St.Mary’s Old Boys)
Barry J.Brown (Greymouth Marist)
W.T.Ryall (Greymouth Marist)
M.W.Gooch (Hokitika Excelsior)
B.J.Conradson (Greymouth Marist)
M.G.Bellis (Blaketown)
B.G.Aitken (Hokitika Excelsior)
C.J.Mahuika (Hokitika Kiwi)
G.R.Keehan (Greymouth Marist)
B.W.Johnson (Hokitika Excelsior)
C.H.Quintal (Greymouth Star)
T.E.Rogers (Hokitika Kiwi)
K.J.Williams (Fox Glacier/Cobden)
P.G.Finch (Cobden)
B.J.Viecelli (Cobden)
S.E.McHugh (Hokitika Kiwi)
C.J.P.McPherson (Greymouth United)
Ralph Richardson (Greymouth Star)
J.A.L.Wright (Hokitika Excelsior)
M.S.MacRae (Cobden)
A.J.Lindbom (Cobden)
E.J.Steele (Hokitika Excelsior)
N.G.Bishop (Greymouth United)
J.F.Thompson (Blaketown)
N.R.McMillan (Greymouth Marist)


Played 9 ; Won 4 ; Lost 5 ; Points: For 95 ; Against 169

June 3 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 3 to 25
Kenneth McNee, try
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

June 29 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 8 to 6
M.G.Bellis, try
A.G.King, penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr.E.Lennon (Buller)

July 13 v BULLER at Westport Won 14 to 9
Kenneth McNee (2) and M.G.Bellis, tries
A.G.King, penalty goal and conversion

August 3 v NEW ZEALAND MAORI TEAM at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 8 to 53
M.A.Gray, try
A.G.King , penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr.K.C.Gawn (North Otago)

August 10 v NORTH OTAGO at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 27 to 14
M.A.Gray (2), W.T.Ryall (2), G.R.Keehan (penalty) and B. J. Viecelli, tries
A.G.King, penalty goal 3 conversions
Referee: Mr.R.G.Condliffe (West Coast)

August 24 v BULLER (Seddon Shield) at Westport Lost 6 to 9
A.G.King, dropped goal and penalty goal

August 31 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 14 to 3
D.G.Mirfin, Kenneth McNee and B.J.Viecelli, tries
C.J.P.McPherson, penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr.J.C.Reynish (West Coast)

September 21 v CANTERBURY at Christchurch Lost 9 to 30
Kenneth McNee and M.S.MacRae, tries
B.G.Aitken , penalty goal

September 28 v MID-CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 to 20
B.G.Aitken, try
A.G.King, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)