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1962 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.E.G.Walker

It was expected that the three matches played in the North Island at the end of the previous season, which experience could have meant nothing less than good, together with the annexing of the Seddon Shield the week before to trip across the Strait, – would have been of immense value to this Union. Such was not the case, however, for the year was disappointing, especially to those interested in the Coast’s welfare, only three of the seven fixtures being won.

Worse still was the loss of the Seddon Shield in the first defence, West Coast performing poorly, and never at any stage of the match displaying the confidence expected of a side repulsing a challenger. Yet, West Coast in the Queen’s Birthday match with Canterbury held a strong visiting XV. to a draw. The trip to Auckland in search of the Ranfurly Shield met with disaster, over half-a-century of points being scored against the southerners. It may be asked why the poor showings, when individually many very fine players play in the selections.

Certainly the Coast lacks a weighty scrummage, very little attention being given at the present time to tight play. Therein is where the penalty is paid when strong sides like Auckland are met, In loose foot-rushes the Coasters excelled, especially in some of the muddy conditions encountered. Here, Morton (the captain and No. 8), Ross and Viecelli (side-rankers) were very good and consistently alert. Rogers gave of his best at lock, and a very good best it was, too. Lindbom played both at lock and at prop. Richardson was the regular hooker, but was not always successful. McPherson again was in the prop position, and worked hard.

The best of the backs was McAra, who played at first five-eighth, and who had the ability to penetrate once an opening offered; he played for South Island, and was on hand to score the final try which meant victory for his team and he also was a South Island trialist. Keehan was a good half-back, solid, and an accurate passer of the ball, Thomas was the early full•back, having a grand game against Canterbury at Greymouth, but thereafter lost form.

His replacement was King, who had last played in 1960, The best of the wingers was a new rep., Brown; he showed courage in his efforts. A new five-eighth in Hawkins appeared to be one who has the ability; after a not-too-happy match against Nelson he was replaced. Ryall was a useful centre.

Twenty-seven players represented the Union, eleven being new, but apart from those mentioned not enough was seen of the others to warrant an opinion, excepting that the forward Veale has the making of a useful prop; five of the newcomers played once only, whilst Bellis had appeared last in 1959. Of the 1961 team, I.R.MacRae was in the Bay of Plenty, W.F.Belll was in Nelson, and C. A. Hibbs had turned to League.

1962 Squad

E.E.Thomas (Greymouth United)
J.M.Eathorne (Greymouth Marist)
J.J.Harnett (Greymouth Marist)
B.J.Brown (Greymouth Marist)
J.W.McIntyre (St. Mary’s Old Boys)
Kenneth McNee (Blaketown)
W.T.Ryall (Greymouth Marist)
A.G.King (Greymouth Star)
B.J.Hawkins (Greymouth Marist)
T.N.McAra (Greymouth Marist)
R.J.Rochford (St.Mary’s Old Boys)
M.G.Bellis (Blaketown)
G.R.Keehan (Greymouth Marist)
A.J.Goodall (Blaketown)
S.N.Morton (Hokitika Excelsior)
B.L.Ross (Hokitika Excelsior)
B.J.Viccclli (Blaketown)
T.F.Victor ( Cobden)
A.J.Lindbom (Cobden)
P.W.Veale (St.Mary’s Old Boys)
Ralph Richardson (Greymouth Star)
C.J.P.McPherson (Greymouth United)
T.E.Rogers (Hokitika Kiwi)
J.A.L.Wright (Hokitika Excelsior)
S.E.McHugh (Hokitika Kiwi)
E.J.Steel (Hokitika Excelsior)
P.G.Finch (Cobden)


Played 7 ; Won 3 ; Drew 1 ; Lost 3 ; Points: For 56 ; Against 108

June 4 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Drew 6 to 6
B.J.Viecelli, try
J.M.Eathorne, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.J.Corkill (West Coast)

June 30 v BULLER at Westport Won 13 to 6
J.M.Eathorne and E.E.Thomas, tries
T.N.McAra, dropped goal; J.M.Eathorne, 2 conversions

July 21 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 11 to 6
B.L.Ross and B.J.Brown, tries
J.M.Eathorne, penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr.F.Hawes (Buller)

August 4 v NELSON (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 3 to 6
B.J.Brown, try
Referee: Mr.D.T.Hawkes (Marlborough)

August 18 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA at Motueka Won 11 to 8
E.J.Steel and P.W.Veale tries
J.M.Eathorne, penalty goal and conversion

August 25 v AUCKLAND (Ranfurly Shield) at Auckland Lost 6 to 52
T.N.McAra, dropped goal
J.M.Eathorne, penalty goal

September 26 v CANTERBURY at Christchurch Lost 6 to 24
Kenneth McNee, try
T.N.McAra, dropped goal


At Victoria Square, Westport, August 29 1962
Won by Australia 9 to 0
Referee: Mr.A.V.Langford (Canterbury)

J.B.Shaw (Capt.) (Buller)
Ralph Richardson (West Coast)
W.E.Boswell (Buller)
O.H.Nahr (Buller)
W.F.Duncan (Buller)
A.J.Lindbom (West Coast)
B.L.Ross (West Coast)
J.W.Halsall (Buller)
Mason Geddes (Buller)
T.N.McAra (West Coast)
W.N.Forsyth (Buller)
G.S.Allan (Buller)
W.T.Ryall (West Coast)
B.J.Brown (West Coast)

R.T.Dawe (Buller)