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1961 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.E.G.Walker

West Coast had a good season, being successful in all games except the two with Canterbury and that with Wellington, and as the successes included the winning of the Seddon Shield from Marlborough, the Union could feel well pleased. The team was much as the previous season, the forwards playing with vim and fire and the backs possessing ability, but also having weaknesses. Actually four of the regular backs were new, and of these, MacRae had some fine games at second five-eighth. Keehan was a capable half-back, with Ryall and Thomas defending well. McAra, a lively attacker, was prone to make too great a use of his boot and his outsides suffered as the result.

Hibbs impressed at centre, and Eathorne was eager for chances that seldom came; both were useful points-getters, registering 78 of Coast’s 138 between them; neither had appeared in 1960, but were representatives in 1959. Morton again captained the side and proved a tireless No.8. Vieceli and Ross were eager breakaways, Rogers in particular, but also Lindbom were sound locks, Richardson a first-class hooker, and Bergman and McPherson reliable and experienced props. Altogether of the 27 who represented, ten were in their first year. Of the remainder of the side, Inkster had previously represented in 1958.

During the season Chadwick removed to King Country. Rogers appeared in the South Island Trials.

1961 Squad

E.E.Thomas (Greymouth United)
L.R.H.Bunt (Greymouth Marist)
J.M.Eathorne (Greymouth Marist)
J.H.Wood (Cobden)
W.T.Ryall (Greymouth Marist)
C.A.Hibbs (Greymouth Star)
R.A.Dalton (Blaketown)
I.R.MacRae (Greymouth Marist)
T.N.McAra (Greymouth Marist)
M.W.Gooch (Hokitika Excelsior)
G.R.Keehan (Greymouth Marist)
S.J.Kermode (Hokitika Excelsior)
A.J.Goodall (Blaketown)
S.N.Morton (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.E.G.Chadwick (Hokitika Kiwi)
A.J.Lindbom (Cobden)
T.E.Rogers (Hokitika Kiwi)
B.J.Vieceli (Blaketown)
C.J.P.McPherson (Greymouth United)
Ralph Richardson (Greymouth Star)
D.W.Bergman (St. Mary’s Old Boys)
B.L.Ross (Hokitika Excelsior)
R.N.Inkster (Blaketown)
J.B.Maughan (Greymouth Marist)
W.F.Bell (Blaketown)
J.A.L.Wright (Hokitika Excelsior)
C.J.Nightingale (Hokitika Excelsior)


Played 10 ; Won 6 ; Drew 1 ; Lost 3 ; Points: For 138 ; Against 86

June 5 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 9 to 14
C.A.Hibbs, try and penalty goal
T.N.McAra, dropped goal
Referee: Mr.J.Corkill (West Coast)

June 17 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 16 to 8
C.A.Hibbs, B.J.Vieceli and B.L.Ross, tries
C.A.Hibbs, penalty goal and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.J.D.Last (Buller)

July 15 v BULLER at Westport Won 8 to 5
Ralph Richardson, try
C.A.Hibbs, penalty goal and conversion

August 26 v CANTERBURY at Christchurch Lost 8 to 14
J.M.Eathorne, try
T.N.McAra, dropped goal
C.A.Hibbs, conversion

August 30 v A WELLINGTON XV at Cass Square, Hokitika Lost 5 to 11
G.R.Keehan, try
C.A.Hibbs, conversion
Referee: Mr.J.Corkill (West Coast)

September 2 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 33 to 3
T.N.McAra, B.L.Ross, C.J.P.McPherson, J.M.Eathorne, I.R.MacRae and R.A.Dalton, tries
A.J.Goodall, dropped goal; J.M.Eathorne, 2 penalty goals and 3 conversions
Referee: Mr.J.J.Walton (West Coast)

September 9 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield) at Blenheim Won 14 to 6
W.T.Ryall and T.N.McAra, tries
J.M.Eathorne, 2 penalty goals and conversion

September 16 v WAIRARAPA at Masterton Won 17 to 3
J.M.Eathorne, C.A.Hibbs and S.N.Morton, tries
J.M.Eathorne, 2 penalty goals and conversion

September 20 v BUSH at Eketahuna Drew 14 to 14
J.H.Wood and M.W.Gooch, tries
J.M.Eathorne, 2 penalty goals and conversion

September 23 v HOROWHENUA at Levin Won 14 to 8
J.M.Eathorne, D.W.Bergman and C.A.Hibbs, tries
T.N.McAra, dropped goal; J.M.Eathorne, conversion.