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1953 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr.B.Watkin

After holding the Seddon Shield for four seasons, and winning 15 consecutive challenges, West Coast succumbed to Buller on a sodden field in the final challenge of 1953. Although the XV had twice previously during the season defeated Buller, the Coast did not have a very convincing record, and was hard pressed in a number of the challenges.

A feature of the team’s play was the pace and scoring ability of the young wing-three quarters, Gugich (a solidly built newcomer) and Alan Lindbom. At centre Walker retained his skill, and in form there are few more constructive or classy players in this position in the country. If hardly developing as much as had been expected, Breeze was an enterprising second five-eighth, whilst a young new rep., Tainui, was the liveliest of the four halfbacks used. But, whilst holding their own in the scrummages, the forwards were not at their best in the loose, lacking mobility and drive. Roberts, side-ranker, and Garforth, No.8, were the best, with Hibbs impressing as a lock of possibilities. After Tinetti had filled the position at the start of the season, McKendry returned to the hooking position for the later games.

Nelson was an experienced leader, and at full-back, J.H.Lindbom again impressed as a player of more than average ability. Of the 32 players, 11 were new representatives, all the others having appeared for the Coast the previous season, except for Robinson, whose last appearance had been in 1951. A.J.Lindbom, Walker, Gugich, Breeze, Robinson, Brown, Roberts, Eastgate, Hibbs and Nelson appeared in the All Black Trials, Walker also represented South Island, whilst Gugich, played for South Island “B.”

1953 Squad

J.H.Lindbom (Cobden)
A.L.Mclnroe (Ikamatua)
A.J.Lindbom (Cobden)
J.E.Gillan (Greymouth United)
F.W.Gugich (Hokitika Excelsior)
M.A.Kidd (Hokitika. St.Mary’s O.B.)
E.G.Walker (Hokitika .Excelsior)
A.G.Dawson (Blaketown)
J.J.Lincoln (Hokitika St.Mary’s O.B.)
R.K.Breeze (Hokitika St.Mary’s O.B.)
M.W.G.Thomas (Blaketown)
A.A.McNabb (Cobden)
K.J.Brown (Hokitika St. Mary’s 0.B.)
Gordon Richardson (Blaketown)
Wiloghra Tainui (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.E.Robinson (Hoktika Excelsior)
N.J.Lynch (Hokitika Kiwis)
A.A.McCone (Cobden)
G.W.Nelson (Greymouth Star)
B.H.Henderson (Greymouth Star)
T.A.Bird (Blaketown)
Keith Hibbs (Blaketown)
T.P.Roberts (Waratah)
W.P.Tinetti (Hokitika St.Mary’s O.B.)
R.R.Eastgate (Hokitika Kiwis)
A.C.McLean (Hokitika Kiwis)
J.K.Martin (Blaketown)
G.T.Mathieson (Blaketown)
S.N.Garforth (Greymouth M.B.O.B.)
G.J.Howat (Hokitika Kiwis)
J.T.Reid (Cobden)
D.W.McKendry (Blaketown)


Played 9 ; Won 6 ; Lost, 3 ; Points: For 108 ; Against 93

June 1 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 to 26
A.J.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr. A.S.Fong (West Coast)

June 13 v BULLER at Westport Won 14 to 9
J.E.Gillan, try
J.H.Lindbom, 3 penalty goals and conversion

June 27 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Won 29 to 6
F.W.Gugich (3), A.J.Lindbom (3) and W.Tainui, tries
A J.Lindbom (3) and J H.Lindbom, conversions
Referee: Mr.R.F.Marshall (Buller)

July 25 v MARLBOBOUGH (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 14 to 8
M.W.G.Thomas and A.J.Lindbom, tries
A.J.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals aand conversion
Referee: Mr. Geo.Spence (Buller)

August 8 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 11 to 6
M.W.G.Thomas and W.Tainui, tries
A.J.Lindbom, penalty goal; J.H.Lindbom,conversion
Referee: Mr.A.R.Gardiner (Marlborough)

August 22 v NELSON (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 15 to 8
J.H.Lindbom (2) and F.W.Gugich, tries
A.J.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals.
Referee: Mr.Ed.Luere (Golden Bay-Motueka)

August 29 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA, at Motueka Won 16 to 11
J.E.Gillan, A.G.Dawson, F.W.Gugich, and D.W.McKendry, tries
K.J.Brown, 2 conversions

September 5 v BULLER (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Lost 0 to 8
Referee: Mr.M.Lusty (Nelson)


September 12 v CANTERBURY, at Christchurch Lost 3 to 19
M.A.Kidd, try