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1949 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Messrs.J.F.Pegley, W.O.Blair, and B.Kelly

Engaging in more matches than usual, including visits from a Wellington team, Canterbury and North Otago, and making a tour itself to the Southern partof the Island, West Coast finished with a very poor record. Of five matches played on tour only the first against North Otago resulted in a win, the defeats including matches with the Southland Sub-Unions, and Canterbury Sub-Unions, none of which were of first class status, so that the actual record is even worse than the First-Class figures indicate.

An absence of cohesion or consistency in selection was probably responsible for some of the weakness, but the poorness of the material available would have handicapped any Selectors. A number of young players were tried out in the representative Fifteen, but few were persevered with, the most likely of the the 13 new representatives being J.R.Steel, a nephew of the ex-All Black, Jack Steel, and G.T.O’Callaghan, a brother to 1949 New Zealand Representative, in the backs; and Mathieson, lock,or side-row forward, and Flynn, front-ranker, in the pack. Lindbom once again established his claim to be regarded as one of the most able and consistent fullbacks under all conditions in the country, and was of considerable value to the side. Walker was not often available, due to injuries, but Fraser, the South Canterbury player of the season, was a useful inside back.

Gillan experienced a good season, and Amberger on occasions revealed his true ability, whilst Breeze had developed into a versatile and useful inside back, but generally the back line lacked combination and thrust.

The loss of B.Peter Eastgate to Canterbury and R.T.Birchfield to Wairarapa, made more difficult the selection of a satisfactory pack, the best of those who appeared being R.R.Eastgate and Wells, good front-rankers, Hagen a first-class lock, and Nelson, an experienced breakaway. Mettrick again hooked well, but Fisher took over this position in later matches with success. Harrington had played regularly for South Canterbury in 1948. Of the other players, Thompson, Muir and Tainui had all last appeared in 1947, whilst Glen’s last game for West Coast had been in 1945. Five West Coasters found places in the Combined XV which engaged Australia at Greymouth, Lindbom, Walker, Gillan, Hagen and Nelson being those thus chosen. In his seven matches for West Coast, and the match against Australia, Lindbom registered a total of 45 points, comprising one try, three conversions and 11 penalty goals.

1949 Squad

J.H.Lindbom (Cobden)
J.B.Muir (Wataroa)
J.R.Steel (Greymouth Star)
Merle Stoop (Hokitika Kiwi)
J.A.Fitzgerald (Greymouth Celtic)
W.H.Amberger (Kokatahi)
E.G.Walker (Hokitika Excelsior)
Rex M.Stoop (Hokitika Kiwi)
J.Gillan (Greymouth United)
J.G.Fraser (Blaketown)
R.L.Breeze (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
C.H.Hunter (Greymouth Star)
G.T.O’Callaghan (Greymouth Celtic)
E.H.Andrews (Hokitika Excelsior)
W.J.Hamilton (Greymouth Celtic)
Gordon Richardson (Blaketown)
H.W.T.Tainui (Hokitika Kiwi)
R.G.Thompson (Cobden)
Peter Hansen (Hokitika St.Mary’s)
G.T.Mathieson (Greymouth United)
H.J.Hagen (Blaketown)
R.J.Harrington (Cobden)
R.R.Eastgate (Hokitika Kiwi)
K.M.(“Mac”)Wells (Hokitika Excelsior)
J.E.Flynn (Waiuta)
G.W.Nelson (Greymouth Star)
A.C.Glen (Greymouth United)
Basil Mettrick (Cobden)
J.J.Curtain (Wataroa)
A.A.McCone (Cobden)
J.F.Goldworthy (Waratah)
K.R.C.Fisher (Blaketown)
J.D.Woods (Hokitika Excelsior)
F.W.Holmes (Greymouth United)
W.P.Curtain (Greymouth Star)


Played 9; Won 1 ; Draw 1 ; Lost 7 ; Points: For 74 ; Against 99

June 6 v CANTERBURY at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 14 to 21
J.R.Steel, 2 tries
J. H. Lindbom, 2 penalty goals and conversion
Referee: Mr.L.Walsh (Canterbury)

June 25 v BULLER at Westport Lost 3 to 14
J.B.Muir, penalty goal.

July 16 v BULLER at Cass Square, Hokitika Lost 5 to 6
Basil Mettrick, try
J.B.Muir, conversion
Referee:Mr.R.Marshall (Buller)

August 6 v BULLER (Seddon Shield) at Westport Drew 9 to 9
J.Gillan, try
J.H.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals

August 13 v NORTH OTAGO at Oamaru Won 11 to 6
E.G.Walker and J.J.Curtain, tries
J.H.Lindbom, dropped goal
J.G.Fraser, conversion

August 24 v ASHBURTON COUNTY at Ashburton Lost 9 to 11
J.R.Steel, try
J.H.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals

August 31 v NORTH OTAGO at Rugby Park , Greymouth Lost 3 to 6
J.H.Lindbom, penalty goal.
Referee: J.B.Hogarth (West Coast)

September 17 v A WELLINGTON XV at Rugby Park Greymouth Lost 9 to 11
J.H.Lindbom, try and 2 penalty goals.
Referee: Mr.A.R.Lindbom (West Coast)

September 24 v CANTERBURY, at Christchurch. 11 to 15
G.T.O’Callaghan and G.W.Nelson, tries
J.G.Fraser goal (dropped) from a Mark
J.H.Lindbom, conversion


Selectors: Messrs. J.F.Pegley (West Coast) and V.Goodall (Buller)

The combining of these Unions was in order to place a XV in the field against the Australian team.


September 10, v. AUSTRALIA, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 17 to 15
E.G.Walker and G.Anderson, tries
William Dickson, dropped goal
J.H.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals and conversion
Referee: Mr.R.Pratt (Buller). `

The side was:
J.H.Lindbom (West Coast)
J.Gillan (West Coast)
F.J.Neighbours (Buller)
E.G.Walker (West Coast)
O.Smallholme (Capt.) ; (Buller)
William Dickson (Buller)
Geo.Smallholme (Buller)
G. Anderson (Buller)
M.J.Ryan (Buller)
D.S.Neighbours (Buller)
H.J.Hagen (West Coast)
G.W.Nelson (West Coast)

W.J.Mumm (Buller)
Robt.Dickson (Buller)
W.M.Cunniffe (Buller)