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1945 Season Record & West Coast-Buller Trial Match

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Mr.T.McIntosh, P.S.Hendry and J.Devaney

West Coast did not experience a good Rugby season, only two matches being won, but with a number of promising young players on hand, the experience gained should be of advantage in the future. W.P.McHugh had returned to Canterbury, but to compensate, another wing three quarter, Silcock, came to the Coast from the Christchurch Training College.

Generally the Coast backs performed very well, being correct in their attacking play and sound on defence. Lindbom impressive on every occasion, never bustled, fielding cleanly, finding touch with lengthy kicks and giving a finished display of fullback play. A young set of backs played bright football, Hamilton handling cleanly and passing quickly to Thomas, who made a reliable first five-eighth. Amberger ran nicely at centre, and Wright always gave of his best.

The forwards were slow in comparison with the displays of earlier seasons, and lacked the vim necessary to win matches.King, Constable and Birchfield were disappointing, but in Bradley and Fisher West Coast had hookers who secured a good share of the ball from the scrummages; Pegley worked hard in the front row, and secured South lsland honours. Nelson and Sinclair were good forwards, with the former the most useful all-round player in tight and loose. King captained the side, but now carrying a lot of weight it would seem that this grand forward’s best playing days are over.

1945 Squad

J. H. Lindbom (Cobden)
W.R.Millett (Greymouth Celtic)
G.R.H.Wright (Cobden)
N. Lawson (Cobden)
L.H.Silcock (Greymouth Celtic)
W.H.Amberger (Hokitika Kiwi-Excelsior)
M.W.G.Thomas (Blaketown)
G.McLean (Blaketown)
P.T.Hurren (Hokitika Kiwi-Excelsior)
W.J.Hamilton (Greymouth Celtic)
A.R.Thomson (Cobden)
J.A.Bradley (Hokitika St Mary’s)
J.F.Pegley (Greymouth Star-United)
R.W.Wieblitz (Hokitika Kiwi-Excelsior)
R.R.King (Cobden)
R.T.Birchfield (Cobden)
G.W.Nelson (Greymouth Star-United)
P.Sinclair (Blaketown)
K.R.C.Fisher (Blaketown)
B.H.Constable (Greymouth Celtic)
T.P.Duggan (Hokitika St Mary’s)
R.Mitchell (Blaketown)
A.C.Glen (Greymouth Star-United)
J.A.Johnson (Hokitika Kiwi-Excelsior)
L.W.Skerton (Cobden)


Played 6; Won 2; Lost 4 ; Points: For 52; Against 65.

June 4 v CANTERBURY, at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 17 to 8
R.J.F.Pegley, W.H.Amberger and W.R.Millett, tries;
R.T.Birchfield and J.H.Lindbom, penalty goals; R.T.Birchfield, conversion
Referee: Mr.N.Eggleton (West Coast)

June 16 v CANTERBURY, at Christchurch. Lost 3 to 11
G.W.Nelson, try

June 30 v BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 9 to 13
K.R.C.Fisher, try;
J.H.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.R.Pender (Buller)

July 14 v BULLER, at Westport. Won 9 to 8
W.R.Millett, try;
J.H.Lindbom, 2 penalty goals.

August 25 v BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Westport Lost 25 to 14
P.T.Hurren, try;
J.H.Lindbom, penalty goal and conversion.

September 15 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield), at Blenhelm Lost 6 to 11
G.R.H.Wright, try;
J.H.Lindbom penalty goal

West Coast-Buller

Selectors: Messrs. T. Mclntosh (West (Toast) and V. Goodall (Buller)

West Coast and Buller joined to take part in a Trial for South lsland Selectors’ benefit, From the match played Alexander (who later had to decline owing to injury), Mumm and Pegley gained selection. R.P.Hawes (Buller), who had been an original selection for the Combined team, was unable to play, Hansby replacing him.

The side was :—-
J.H.Lindbom (West Coast)
L.H.Silcock (West Coast)

O.Smallholme (Buller)
T.M.Hansby * (Buller)
M.W.G.Thomas (West Coast)
J.C.Alexander (Buller)
W.Mullan (Buller)
G.W.Nelson (West Coast)
J.Fox (Buller)
R.T.Birchfield (Capt.) (West Coast)
D.S.Neighbours ** (Buller)
G.Anderson *** (Buller)
W.J.Mumm (Buller)
G.A.Orman (Buller)
J.F.Pegley (West Coast)

* Retired injured and replaced by W.H.Amberger (West Coast)
** Retired injured and replaced by K.R.C.Fisher (West Coast)
*** Retired injured and replaced by R.W.Wieblitz (West Coast)


(Seddon Shield Districts Trial), at Nelson Won 8 to 0

J.Fox and L.H.Silcock, tries; J.H.Lindbom, conversion