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Season’s 1941 and 1942

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Messrs. T. Mclntosh, T. P. Ryan and S. Moore

1941 Squad

P.Croudis (Greymouth Celtic)
J.Gillan (Greymouth United)
A.R.Lindbom (Cobden)
T.Butler (Greymouth United)
A.C.Monk (Kokatahi)
A.J.Wareham (Greymouth Celtic)
Albert Vaughan (Cobden)
R.H.Scott (Greymouth Celtic)
J.E.West (Hokitika)
C.D.Dewar (Greymouth United)
W.Clancy (Greymouth Celtic)
C.Reid (Cobden)
P.S.Hendry (Greymouth United)
W.Amberger (Kokatahi)
L.Sweetman (Greymouth United)
W.A.Croudis (Greymouth Celtic)
W.J.Monk (Kokatahi)
R.T.Birchfield (Cobden)
R.R.King (Cobden)
W.Blair (Greymouth United)
W.R.Pedder (Hokitika)
R.A.Godfrey (Kokatahi)
R.Weiblitz (Kokatahi)
J.Sinclair (Greymouth Star)
P.Sinclair (Greymouth Star)
J.Haddock (Hokitika)
P.T.Gilmour (Hokitika)


Played 8; Won 4; Drew 1; Lost 3 Points: For 84; Against 46

June 2 v CANTERBURY, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 14 to 16
R.T.Birchfleld (2) and A.C.Monk, tries;
C.D.Dewar, penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr. W.Rapley (West Coast)

June 28 v CANTERBURY, at Christchurch. Won 13 to 5
P.Sinclair and W.Blair, tries;
C.D.Dewar, penalty goal and 2 conversions.

July 19 v BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Drew 6 to 6
A.J.Wareham, try;
R.H.Scott, penalty goal
Referee: Mr. J.R.Bell (West Coast).

August 2 v MARLBOROUGH (Seddon Shield), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 13 to 9
P.S.Hendry, try;
Albert Vaughan, dropped goal; P.S.Hendry and A.C.Monk, penalty goals
Referee: Mr. H.T.Coulter (Canterbury)

August 9 v BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Westport. Lost 3 to 6
A.C.Monk, penalty goal.

August 16 v GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA (Seddon Shield) at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 15 to 0
J.Sinclair, try;
A. R. Lindbom, 4 penalty goals
Referee: Flt./Lieut. The Rev. E.A.Osmers (Canterbury)

August 30 v NELSON (Seddon Shield), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 17 to 0
C.D.Dewar and P.T.Gilmour tries;
A.R.Lindbom and P.S.Hendry, dropped goals; A.R.Lindbom, penalty goal
Referee: Mr. C.G.Crawford (Canterbury)

September 13 v BULLER (Seddon Shield), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Lost 3 to 4
A.R.Lindbom. penalty goal
Referee: Mr. H.T.Coulter (Canterbury).

1942 Squad

J.Gillan (Greymouth Star-United)
A.C.Monk (Hokitika)
Pte.W.Roche (Army)
J.Keating (Cobden)
J.Hayes (Cobden)
W.Amberger (Hokitika)
Pte.E.Collins (Army)
A.R.Lindbom (Cobden)
L.Stewart (Blaketown)
M.Thomas (Blaketown)
M.Davidson (Hokitika)
F.Goodall (Greymouth Star-United)
Pte.R.E.Kirkwood (Army)
Pte.J.Fisher (Army)
R.Weiblitz (Hokitika)
W.Blair (Greymouth Star-United)
R.R.King (Cobden)
R.T.Birchfield (Cobden)
A.Smith (Greymouth Star-United)
W.A.Croudis (Greymouth Celtic)
I.Pomeroy (Greymouth Celtic)
R.Coppersmith (Blaketown)
G.Beardsley (Cobden)
A.Kinder (Hokitika)
J.King (Cobden)


Played 5 Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 2 Points: For 43 Against 46

June 20 v CANTERBURY, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 4 to 6
A.R.Lindbom, dropped goal.
Referee: Mr. N.Eggleton (West Coast)

July 4 v BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Westport. Won 17 to 0
W.Amberger and Pte.R.E.Kirkwood, tries
A.R.Lindbom, 3 penalty goals and conversion

July 18, v. BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 8 to 6
W.A.Croudis and Pte E.Collins, tries;
F. Goodall, conversion
Referee: Mr.J.Bell (West Coast)

September 5, v. CANTERBURY, at Christchurch Lost 11 to 31
Pte.J.Fisher, 2 tries;
M.Davidson, penalty goal , A. R. Lindbom, conversion.

September 12, v. BULLER (Seddon Shield), at Westport Drew 3 to 3
A.R.Lindbom, penalty goal