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1938 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selector: Mr. J.Steel

With Mr. J. Steel. the most famous of West Coast players as the Sole Selector, hopes were entertained of an improvement in the Representative fifteen’s form. This did not altogether eventuate, although considering the gaps that had to be filled, the problem faced by the Selector should mean that the young players brought forward will prove their selection in the future.

Of the 1937 team, G.D.M. Gilbert (to English League), W.Vincent (back to League), B. Agnew, N.Collins and S. Hendry, backs and A. and M. Scandrett and D.Thorpe, forwards, did not reappear. Experienced and reliable players in Mann, Davidson and Roberts, in the backs, and forwards in King, Bowes and Olsen the two last-named returning after a year’s absence, provided the basis on which to build a side. Of the fourteen backs required eight were new to Representative football, those who impressed being Lynch, Vaughan and Williams. In the forwards, the arrival of Innes from Canterbury, and Gibb from Marlborough gave the Coast two players of merit, whilst Tainui, a solid worker, Kirkwood, Pascoe and Garden had all played in previous seasons. Ten new forwards were called on, Hammond being outstanding, with Connolly well worth his place. Hudson. the former New Zealand University player, arrived from Buller late in the season and took part in the final match.

A feature of the selections during the season was the inclusion of ten Representatives from the two Sub-Unions. None were selected from these areas for the opening match, but following a Sub-Union engagement at Hari Hari on July 9, the Selector named three South Westland and two Inangahua players for the next game. J, Costello (Greymouth United), Cooper (Hokitika Kiwis) and McIntyre (Hokitika Pirates) were reserve backs for several matches without getting a game.

Altogether, 34 players represented the Union during the season. R.R.King and Roberts played in the South Island Fifteen, and both gave impressive displays, King later going to Australia with the All Black team. Roberts may be counted as unlucky in missing New Zealand honours.

1938 Squad
M.Lynch (Greymouth Celtic)
A.Lindblnm (Cobden)
W.Manu (Greymouth Star)
F.West (Hokitika Kiwi)
V.Berry (Hari Hari)
A.Vaughan (Cobden)
Alan King (Cobden)
J.Nonnmi (Greymouth Star)
R.W.Roberts (Hokitika Kiwi)
L.Ellis (Greymouth United)
L.Williams (Cobden)
M.Davidson (Hokitika Kiwi)
W.H.McNabb (Waratah)
D.A.Hudson (Inangahua Star)
R.Innes (Hari Hari)
A.Tainui (Hokitika Excelsior)
M.Connolly (Greymouth Star)
J.W.Hammond (Greymouth Star)
R.R.King (Hokitika Excelsior)
A. Bowes (Greymouth Star)
M.Olsen (Blaketown)
R.Kirkwood (Cobden)
M.Moon (Greymouth United)
G.Berry (Hari Hari)
A.Glen (Greymouth United)
P.O’Regan (Inangahua Star)
C.Thiele (Hari Hari)
A.Gibb (Hari Hari)
P.Garden (Ikamatua)
J.O’Connell (Greymouth Celtic)
P.Pascoe (Blaketown)
R.McCarthy (Hokitika Excelsior)
D.Chinn (Hokitika Kiwi)


Played, 5; Won, 1; Lost, 3; Drew, 1. Points: For 35; Against 15.

June 25, v. BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 10 to 3
L.Ellis and M.Davidson, penalty goals;J.Noonan, dropped goal.
Referee: Mr. N.Eggleton (West Coast)

July 16, v. BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Westport. Lost 6 to 17
A.Lindblom and M.Davidson, penalty goals.

August 20, v. CANTERBURY, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Drew 5 to 5
R.R.King, try; W.Mann, conversion.
Referee:Mr. H. Seebeck (West Coast)

August 27, v. CANTERBURY, at Christchurch. Lost 8 to 13
M. Olsen, try; M. Lynch, penalty goal and conversion.

September 10, v. BULLER (Seddon Shield), at Westport Lost. 6 to 7
M. Davidson, 2 penalty goals.