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1937 Season

(Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1893)
Selectors: Messrs. J.E Joyce, D.R. Dowell, and T.P. Ryan

Commencing the season with victories over Canterbury (the third in succession), Buller (twice) and Marlborough (in a Seddon Shield challenge), it appeared that West Coast were in for a very good year. However, then came the narrow defeat by Buller and the loss of the newly-won Shield, and finally Canterbury gained a revenge. Still, the Union fared well when at full strength, with Mann, a tricky inside back and better there than on the wlng, R.R. King, the Captain, and M. Scandrett, forwards, and Roberts, a keen winger, as the best players

Of the previous season’s principal players, E. Collins, full back, L. Pedrotti and E. Pfahlert, wings, and J. Anderson, R. Birchfleld, J. Cox and M. Olsen, forwards, did .not appear, whilst R. Kear (to Canterbury) and J. Walker (to Otago) were two forwards who transferred away.

Twenty-seven players were called on, and ten played in at least five of the six matches. There were eleven new Representatives, the best of these being N. Collins, Garden and the hooker, Thorpe. T. Kiely, a Cobden Third-Grade half-back, was chosen as a reserve for the second match against Buller, but did not gain further selection.

Gilbert, R.R,. King and M.Scandrett played in the Trials, a further nomination, Davidson, not receiving a run.

1937 Squad
G.Stapleton (Hokitika Kiwis)
B.Agnew (Hokitika Pirates)
G.D.M.Gilbert (Greymouth United)
N.Collins (Greymouth Celtic)
D.Caldwell (Greymouth United)
W.Mann (Greymouth Star)
J.Noonan (Greymouth Star)
R.Logie (Greymouth Star)
R.Roberts (Hokitika Kiwis)
S.Hendry (Greymouth United)
J.Costello (Greymouth United)
W.H.Vincent (Greymouth United)
M.Davidson (Hokitlka. Excelsior)
P.Pascoe (Blaketown)
A.Tainui (Hokitika. Excelsior)
M.Scandrett (Blaketown)
A.Scandrett (Blaketown)
R.R.King (Hokitika Excelsior)
A King (Cobden)
P.Garden (Hokitika Kiwis)
G.Flowers (Hokitika Excelsior)
R.Kirkwood (Cobden)
R.Gardiner (Ross)
D.Thorpe (Hokitika, Pirates)
B.Stewart (Greymouth Star)
R.Weiblitz (Hokitika Kiwis)
C,Daly (Blaketown)


Played, 6; Won, 4; Lost, 2. For, 87; Against, 53

June 9, v. CANTERBURY, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 23 to 14
G. D. M. Gilbert, B. Agnew, R. R. King and M. Davidson, tries;
S. Hendry, dropped goal; G. D. M. Gilbert, penalty goal and 2 conversions.
Referee; Mr. N. Eggleton (West Coast).

June 26, v. BULLER (Rundle Cup), at Westport Won 18 to 0
A. King, G. D. M. Gilbert, R. Roberts, D. Thorpe and W. Mann, tries;
G. D. M. Gilbert, penalty goal

July 3, v. BULLER, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 9 to 5.
R. Kirkwood, try;
G. D. M. Gilbert, 2 penalty goals.
Referee: Mr C.H.Hoskin (West Coast)

July 24, v. MARLBOROUGH (Seddon. Shield), at Blenheim Won 15 to 8
M. Davidson and R. Roberts, tries;
G. D. M. Gilbert, dropped goal, penalty goal and conversion

August 7, v. BULLER (Seddon Shield), at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 11 to 12
R. Roberts (2) and G. D. M. Gilbert, tries;
G. D. M. Gilbert, conversion
Referee: Mr. R. W. Blazey (Canterbury)

September 18, v. CANTERBURY, at Christchurch Lost 11 to 14
W. Mann, try, penalty goal and conversion; P. Pascoe, penalty goal


Selectors: Messrs. D. R. Mcllowell (West Coast) and H. Casey (Buller)
The West Coast and Buller Unions combined to play their fixture against the Springboks. This was their only match and 9th of their tour

Sth Africa vs West Coast-Buller Played at Rugby Park, Greymouth, August 25
Won by South Africa 31 to 6

West Coast-Buller:

R.R.King (Capt.) (West Coast-Buller 1937)

A.Dunn(Buller) , R.Roberts (West Coast) , A.D.Strachan (Buller) , J.Hill(Buller)
W.Mann (West Coast) , S Stewart (Buller) , H.Finlayson (West Coast) , P.Garden (West Coast)
G.D.Mason (Buller) , G.B.Wilson (Buller) , R.R.King (Capt.) (West Coast)
A.King (West Coast) , J.D.Lake (Buller) , G.A.Orman (Buller) , R.Kirkwood (West Coast)

South Africa
H.J.Martin , J.W.Lutz , S.C.Louw , L.C.Strachan , P.J.Nel ,W.F.Bergh , H.H.Watt
M.M.Louw , Villiers , D.F.van de Vyver , J.A.Broodryk J.White , G.P.Lochner
D.O.Williams , F.G.Turner

For South Africa.: Williams (2), Lochner (2), White (2) and
Broodryk, tries; Turner, 5 conversions.

For West Coast-Buller: Dunn and Stewart, penalty goals.
Referee: Mr. A. B. Rowlands (South Canterbury)

Three West Coast players, G. D. M. Gilbert, M. Davidson and
M. Scandrett, were in the original selection, but injuries prevented
them playing. The substitutes were Dunn, Flnlayson and A. King.


Played 1; Lost 1. For 6 ; Against 31
August 25, v. SOUTH AFRICA, at Rugby Park, Greymouth Lost 6 to 31
S. Stewart and A. Dunn, penalty goals.
Referee: Mr. A. B. Rowlands (South Canterbury)