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1934 Season

WEST COAST COLOURS: RED AND WHITE HOOPS (Founded, 1890; Affiliated, 1892)

After a great year in 1933, when the Coast returned a record of seven wins and only one loss, and that to Canterbury in the Ranfurly Shield game, the Coast this year commenced by losing; the Seddon Shield, and thereafter lost, but by narrow margins, their matches with Wellington and Canterbury. Possessing a fine hard rucking pack of forwards, with plenty of experience, combined with good backs, West Coast were a likely team. lt would, however, be well if youth were encouraged a bit more.

Of the previous year’s players, J.B.Taafe (five-eighth), J.Kirkland and M.Jamieson (forwards), retired, though the first named reappeared in the Shield game, and L.Martyn (wing) transferred to South Canterbury. W.Thiele, the 29 year old “wonder” forward of 1933, did not reappear, which was a pity. The great weakness appeared to be the five-eighths and no fewer than five different combinations were tried in the eight games, S.Hendry and A.Fong, W.Vincent and A.Fong, R.Bunt and W. Hughes, all twice each, and J.Beban and J.B.Taafe, and J.Muir and J.Beban once each. Six players were nominated for the New Zealand Trials, and five were given a run. G.Gilbert (fullback), 22 years old, 6ft.,13st. 3lb., is an ideal type, and besides being good in this position, can fill the centre three-quarters berth with credit; indeed, it was as a centre that he first represented Buller in 1930. B.Scandrett (half), 25 years old, 11st., and South Island half in 1933, is a great defensive half, and a solid tackler, always looking for work. A.Fong (five-eighth or centre), 25 years old, and slightly bunt, also appeared for the South lsland the previous year; is fast and nippy, a good scoring man, and is always dangerous on attack. He captained the Coast in 1933, and for the first few games last season.

He was not so good as formerly R.King, All Black forward, and outstanding in the Coast pack; 6ft.1inch., 14st.2lb., he is 23 years old; a solid worker in the tight, he also tackles and handles well. W.McNeight, previous year the captain of Buller, an experienced forward, with many years of football behind him; he is 26 years old, 6ft., and 14 stone. Is strong; energetic, and rugged. He represented the South Island in 1931. The last man, L.Hughes did not receive a try-out, but was playing right up to form for his team. Stands 6 feet, and weighs 13st 6lb., and has represented the Coast for four seasons; is quick, reliable, and a good following-up forward. Of the other players, J.Beban is a young, straight running five-eighth of promise; E.Pfahlert is very fast, and, with opportunity, would score many tries. M.Olsen proved a very good hooker. E.Jones (back row forward) is full of promise; whilst in game after game F.Fritas, All Black of 1928, and well into the veteran stage, played as well as, if not better, than any of the other forwards, and after taking over the captaincy led the Coast with distinction.

R.B.Scandrett, M.Thomson (forward), and C.Schroder (wing) played in all eight games; G.Gilbert, A.S.Fong, F.Freitas and L.Hughes in seven games; E.Pfahlert and A.Bowes (1933 Canterbury rep. forward) in six games; and W.McNeight in five games.


Played 8 ; Won 3 ; Drawn 1 ; Lost, 4 ; Points: For 86 ; Against 69

June 4 v Canterbury at Rugby Park, Greymouth Drawn, 6 all
A.S.Fong and M.Scandrett, tries
Referee: F.J.Tempero.

June 23 v. Buller at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 19 to 0
E.Pfahlert (2), C.Schroder, and M.Scandrett, tries
G. Gilbert,1 penalty; L. Hughes converted 2 tries
Referee: D.Mackay

July 14 v Buller at Westport Lost 8 to 9
A.S.Fong and B.Kelly, tries
G.Gilbert converted 1 try

August 1 v Bush Districts at Rugby Park, Greymouth. Won 10 to 3
S.Hendry and C.Schroder, tries
L.Hughes converted 2 tries
Referee: J.Breeze

August 11 v Marlborough at Rugby Park Greymouth Lost 0 to 3
Referee: H.O.Jefcoate.

August 25 v Nelson at Rugby Park, Greymouth Won 14 to 9
C.Schroder, J.Monk, B.Scandrettt, tries
G.Gilbert converted 1 try and 1 penalty
Referee: W.McLaughlin

September 19 v Wellington at Wellington Lost 8 to 14
M.Thompson and A.S.Fong, tries
G. Gilbert converted 1 try

September 22 v Canterbury at Christchurch Lost 21 to 25
A.S.Fong, L.Hughes, R.King (2), and P.Muir, tries
L,Hughes converted 3 tries