WCRU 2017 Club Sevens Tournament

West Coast Club Sevens Draw 1st April - 2017 Pool A-B-C Pool D-E-F 12:45 Round One Blaketown Field Arthur Fong 13:15 Round Two Blaketown Field Arthur Fong 13:45 Round Three Blaketown Field Arthur Fong 14:30 5th & 6th Playoff Blaketown Field 15:00 3rd & 4th Playoff Blaketown Field 15:30 Grand Final Blaketown Field

CLUB Memo – [07/03/2017]

I advise the senior competition will commence on the 22 April 2017 with the final to be played on the 15 July 2017 with a spare weekend set down for the 29 July in case of cancellations. The Dittman Shield fixture has been set down for 22 July 2017 however