WCRU Rugby DRAW for SAT.30 July

WEST COAST RUGBY UNION JUNIOR DRAW FOR SATURDAY 30 JULY 2016 JUNIOR Under 14 Kiwi v Marist/Blaketown Cass Square No 2 11.00am Under 12 Wests v Marist Cass Square No 2 9.45am South Westland v Kiwi Hari Hari 11.00am Blaketown v White Star Craddock Park No 2 9.15am Under 10 (Coaches to Ref) Wests v Marist WHS No 2 11.30am South

WCRU Rugby DRAW for SAT.23 July

DRAW FOR SATURDAY 23 JULY 2016 SENIOR (FINAL) TAYLORVILLE WALLSEND TROPHY Kiwi v South Westland Rugby Park 2.30pm Ref: Dave Rumble AR 1: Steve Laird / AR 2: Mark Cowlin Subs Controllers: Raymond Blair & Jason Prendergast Please Note: You will note above that the game have been scheduled for 2.30pm. With bad weather forecast for this weekend the possibility of

WCRU Rugby DRAW for SAT.16 July 2016

WEST COAST RUGBY UNION DRAW FOR SATURDAY 16 JULY 2016 SENIOR ( SEMI- FINALS) Kiwi v Wests Cass Square No 2 2.30pm Ref: Cam McAulay AR: M Cowlin & TBA South Westland v Blaketown Hari Hari 2.30pm Ref: Jared Le Gros AR’s: J Prendergast & R Maitland JUNIOR NO JUNIOR RUGBY DUE TO SCHOOL HOLIDAYS


WEST COAST RUGBY UNION SENIOR AND JUNIOR DRAW FOR SATURDAY 9 JULY 2016 SENIOR (MUIR TROPHY) Marist v Blaketown Karoro 2.45pm Ref: TBA Grey Valley v Wests Ikamatua 2.45pm Ref: R Maitland Kiwi v South Westland Cass Square No 2 2.45pm Ref: TBA JUNIOR Under 14 Marist/Blaketown v Westport Karoro 11.15am Ref: R Maitland Kiwi v Wests Cass Square No 2 9.30am Ref: M Slaven White Star bye Under 12 Blaketown