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Senior Player Profile – Suamalie Tuiletufuga


SENIOR Profile

Name Suamalie Tuiletufuga

Club: Shirley

Position: 8 or 6

Goals for the season: To play every game and not get injured

Funniest moment in rugby: Court session at Burwood Park

Biggest disappointment in rugby: Not winning each game

Earliest memory of playing rugby: Playing back in Samoa when I was 16

If you could play any position other than your normal one, which would it be: Second Five Eight

Most respected opponent: Sydenham

Favourite rugby field played on: Rugby Park

Best advice your parents ever gave you: Work Hard

If you could have dinner with four famous people (dead or alive) who would you choose:
Sonny Bill Williams, Daniel Carter, Ma’a Nonu, Israel Foulau

Favourite TV show: 6 O’Clock News

If you became famous, which actor would you want to play you in a movie about your life: “The Rock”

If you could join any music group/band, which one would it be: RSA Band

Apple or Android: Apple

If you could be a superhero for a day which one would it be and why: Superman, he can fly in the air

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